“Being in the middle is special, Momma tells me so. I get to be BIG and LITTLE, the very best of BOTH!”

Little in the Middle is for every middle child, celebrating the unique and wonderful position of being both big and little.

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Little in the Middle Q&A with Meg O’Keefe

cropped-ladybug01.png What inspired you to write Little in the Middle?

The idea for Little in the Middle came to me while I was pregnant with my third daughter. I began searching for toddler books for my second daughter about being the middle child and realized there were none. Recognizing there was a huge gap in the market for toddler books aimed at the middle child, I decided to move forward with writing my own book,Little in the Middle. The title for the book arose from the nickname I had affectionately given to my own middle child.

cropped-ladybug01.png How is Little in the Middle different from other children’s books about siblings?

There are a plethora of big sister, big brother, new baby, little sister, and little brother books currently available. However, Little in the Middle is unique in that it addresses the middle child, something which is missing within the marketplace.

Little in the Middle has fun and relatable characters, easily understood messages, a quick and easy rhyming scheme, and colorful, vibrant illustrations. The message is targeted specifically toward the middle child—however, the characters and messages are relatable to children regardless of birth order.

cropped-ladybug01.png What will middle children gain from reading Little in the Middle?

Little in the Middle helps the middle child gain an understanding of how very special and unique it is to be both big and little. The lessons to be learned are patience, sharing, responsibility, embracing challenges with a positive attitude, and discovering the unconditional love of family.