Monsters for Sale Q&A with Meg O’Keefe

cropped-ladybug01.png What inspired you to write Monsters for Sale?

I knew I wanted my second book to carry the same message of love, acceptance, and individuality, as  Little in the Middle does.  My eldest daughter was being silly one night while we were getting her ready for bed and I made the comment, “You are being a silly little monster!” She immediately replied, “Monsters for sale!”, inspiring the title for my next book on the spot. We began discussing what the book might be about and Monsters for Sale came to life!

cropped-ladybug01.png What will children gain from reading Monsters for Sale?

This book is about individuality and the importance of realizing true beauty comes from within. In a day and age where outward appearances seem to matter more and more, I want to encourage and remind every child that they are all uniquely special and they all deserve to be loved for who they are inside.

cropped-ladybug01.png What will the next Meg O’Keefe book be about?

 My next book is called, Are You a Magic Maker? This book has a wonderful and important message about the joy that comes from finding extraordinary in the ordinary, turning lemons into lemonade, and finding value in learning from our mistakes. This book is inspired by my youngest daughter whom I affectionately refer to as my “Magic Maker”. I am once again teaming up with illustrator LaMont Russ, we can’t wait to bring this story to life!

Meg O’Keefe grew up in Maine and Michigan and currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia (resulting in a wicked good accent, y’all, you betcha!). Meg developed a love of writing as a child, later majoring in journalism before obtaining her MBA. Now a busy mother to her three little girls, Meg enjoys playing golf with her husband, volunteering at her daughters’ schools, and enjoys spending time with her family each summer on the coast of Maine.

Take a look a the family behind the series!

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